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    Common Building Security Mistakes: Misuse and Misunderstanding of Security Technology

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Private security is a comprehensive endeavor that usually involves contracted security guards and targeted technology. Physical security is a highly effective means to discourage theft and protect the inhabitants of a residence or business, but some property owners are unfamiliar with how to properly use their new state-of-the-art technology. When you have security cameras installed, be sure your security company trains you on how to use them to monitor your space. You should also pick a reputable security company with a solid reputation to ensure that cameras are properly set up to capture action at all entrances.

    Peerless Protective Services in LA is committed to exceeding your expectations for private security and protective services. If you need a team to provide event security or want to increase your business security with a private guard, call us at (888) 605-7906 today.

    Essential Principles of Effective Executive Protection

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The private security and protective services experts at Peerless Protective Services are proud to provide security services to a host of international celebrities, world leaders, and corporate executives. By working closely with each client, our security team customizes plans to precisely match individual lifestyles and daily security needs. Our executive protection plan involves highly trained, certified agents who abide by three basic principles: communication, discretion, and professionalism.


    Some executives shun the public eye while others spend much of their time seeking the limelight. An effective security and protection team must be able to meet the unique needs of each client and to provide reliable, effective security. Communication among the security personnel and communication with the client are essential for protection, and a security team must cooperate with the protected executive to map out a customized plan for his safety.


    High-quality security teams know that discretion is one of their most valuable assets. Protection professionals must be able to blend into the executive’s environment and be identified as just another businessman. Of course, this hardly means that these highly trained security guards are less powerful. Executive security staff are highly adept at identifying threats, in peak physical condition, and able to respond to any threat quickly and appropriately.


    When it comes to protective services, success is measured by the physical altercations that are avoided. Private security guards know that their job is to prevent problems from arising in the first place, and they act as professionals to represent the CEO’s brand. An executive security detail should be able to both provide muscle and ably manage other critical information. For example, a security guard should know an executive’s allergies, health concerns, and blood type in case of a medical emergency.

    For all your private security, contract security, and protective services needs, call the LA office of Peerless Protective Services today at (888) 605-7906 to set up a consultation. Our security guards and uniformed officers are proud to serve all our local, national, and international clients with professionalism, reliability, and integrity.

    Securing High Profile Sporting Events

    Last updated 1 year ago

    What goes into securing high-profile events like the Super Bowl? As you will learn in this video, security guards are an important part of preventing and fighting crime.

    Visible security measures like uniformed guards are vital for protecting patrons. The presence of security acts to deter thieves and violent criminals, and a significant security presence allows private guards to keep the peace among thousands of attendees. One area of serious concern for security teams is the area right outside the stadium, and major events often screen for explosive devices in these relatively unprotected spaces.

    If you need security for a sporting event, concert, or gathering in LA, call Peerless Protective Services of LA today at (888) 605-7906 to set up a consultation. Our highly capable security guards are trained to handle any situation.

    Exploring the Biggest Benefits of Having a Security Guard at Your Facility or Business

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Los Angeles is one of the busiest cities in the world. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most dangerous. For many LA businesses, simply having a security guard on the premises is an effective deterrent for would-be criminals, but private security actually bring even more benefits for large and small companies alike. Here are the top three benefits of having a uniformed security guard at your workplace:

    Crime Prevention

    The visible presence of even one uniformed security guard is a great way to discourage criminals from approaching your business in the first place. Thieves usually prefer to target businesses with little or no visible security, and guards usually indicate that a company takes protecting its employees and goods seriously. Of course, security guards are trained to handle crime when it does occur, and professionally trained guards can detain suspects until the police arrive.

    Effective Monitoring

    A uniformed security guard is trained to look for suspicious activity, to assess potential security breaches, and to respond to problems on the spot. Security guards use their skills to both monitor a property and also to constantly review video surveillance and keep restricted access areas private. Security guards also handle specific tasks like checking credentials and watching for shoplifters to keep your business or store free from unwanted guests.

    Customer Service

    Finally, uniformed security guards posted at a front door can do double-duty as brand ambassadors and employees. When not handling a direct threat, security guards can direct people to products, escort high-profile clients, and provide extra protection for employees who are entering dimly lit parking garages late at night.

    At Peerless Protective Services, our security experts have over 20 years of experience providing security and protective services for LA clients. Whether you need a uniformed security guard at your office, are interested in contracting private security for a large event, or want to learn more about our executive protective services, call us today at (888) 605-7906.

    Common Building Security Mistakes: Aesthetics Over Security

    Last updated 1 year ago

    One of the most commonly noticed security lapses is a value of aesthetics over security. There are countless examples of this, and many of them are very avoidable. For example, there are few fencing materials better for security purposes than wrought iron or aluminum. However, many businesses dislike the industrial, almost prison-like appearance of these materials, and choose wood instead. Wood may look somewhat better, but it is also flammable and structurally weak. Similarly, 24-hour security guards are a great security measure, but many companies overlook them, for fear that they will make their business look intimidating or unapproachable. Yet without effective security, no business would last very long. It’s the duty of a business owner to prioritize security over aesthetics and make the best decision for his or her company.

    The experts at Peerless Protective Services of LA are fully dedicated to resolving all of your security needs. Our professional security agents have been trained for a variety of situations, to ensure that they are prepared to handle any security matter. Call us today at (888) 605-7906 to set up a consultation.

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